You must have heard about the growing needs of micro-mobility vehicles. These vehicles are mostly run by batteries and quite smaller in size than the usual vehicle that we buy. One of its popular vehicles is the Electric Kick Scooter. But what is really an electric Kick Scooter? How does it affect our lives? What companies are providing the best quality electric kick scooters? Let’s answer these questions and think about whether we want it? Or Not?

  1. What is an Electric Kick Scooter?

Electric Kick Scooters or widely known as E-scooters are motorized scooters that are powered with a built-in battery inside. It is classified as one of the micro-mobility vehicles. These scooters are generally designed with a large deck pretty known as its motor hub where a rider stands on it. The electric kick scooter consists of the following:

  1. Throttle- controls the speed of the e-scooter
  2. Motor Hub- runs the e-scooter.
  3. Controller & Speedometer
  4. Battery- which is rechargeable
  5. Headlights and Rear lights


Aside from having these parts, electric kick scooters are also handy. You can carry it by your hand or even fold it when you desire to keep it inside your car compartment or wherever you want to keep it. Moreover, it comes along with a software lock where you can lock it so no one can use it in case somebody steals or use it without your permission.

  1. What companies are providing the best quality electric kick scooters?

There’s a wide array of transportation companies that provides their own design of electric kick scooters. All over the world, there are numerous companies providing e-scooters with their creative features. But when you speak all over the world, LIME & BIRD are known for its great deals of e-scooters. This is followed by XIAOMI where it gives you a list of e-scooters ranging from the average ones to the most high-end, from children’s level to heavy adults. Try searching their sites and you will be amazed by the great number of deals that they provide. As of this moment, UBER is also thinking of partnerships in designing and manufacturing e-scooters that will best suit the needs of commuters and motorists.

  1. How does an Electric Kick Scooter Affect our Lives?

Since modernization occurs, we can’t deny that our lives have become digital. Everything must be one-click away and that we must find alternatives that will make our life easier. Usually, what we are looking for is something that is convenient, eco-friendly and entertaining. That’s exactly what E-scooters offer to people.

E-scooters have been used before as a means of entertainment. But now, people found out that e-scooters are functional in many ways.

  1. Alternative transportation mode for commuters and motorists.

             – There’s no need for you to pay so much in your transportation or waste your time in traffic jams and long subway lines because when you own or rent an e-scooter, you can just easily arrive at your destination with riding comfort. It runs a top speed of 15.5 mph or more, depending on the scooter you purchase.

  1. Business Venture

             – Since the evolvement of E-scooters in all urban countries, many transportation companies have been investing in this product because it can also be of public service through rentals. China, the US, and India are adapting the vehicle sharing system with its advanced technology and software locks. There have been positive reports about this matter and up till now, many are venturing this business type.

  1. Eco-friendly and Budget-friendly

             – Say no to gas emissions and say yes to batteries! E-scooters consist of a built-in battery which means that it does not pose a danger in our environment. It reduces pollution at the same time saves money more than our usual transportation budget.

Don’t just sit there, waiting for a miracle to happen! Move and purchase your own e-scooter to experience a comfortable ride, freedom on the road and enjoyable experience!