Dwelling in a business industry requires a lot of patience, research, and creativity. We have to look out what’s hot and what’s not. We based our business with what’s the flavor of the crowd: Clothing lines, Make-ups, shoes up to games, apps, and everything of the sort. But what is leading in the business industry? What business venture is earning billions?

China and the US are two of the countries facing the transportation problem. With that, the demands of alternative routes, public transit, and other modes of transportation have been on the red list. That is why transportation companies have been working out of their way to solve this problem. Then emerged “Micro-Mobility.”
Micro-mobility is small vehicles that are run by charged batteries and are usually having one or two passengers. Examples of these are bikes, e-bikes, scooters, skateboards, and skates. China devised a lane meant for bike users only. But as the years go by, transportation companies have devised a way to provide consumers with a more convenient, affordable, and very much available public transit. There evolved a system called “bike-sharing.” What’s good about this system is that commuters are asked to download an app where they either scan the code in unlocking the bike or search which nearby place has an available bike to rent. This is also a rental type of vehicle where commuters don’t have to go running over subways to catch up with the train or the bus. Moreover, passengers don’t have to deprive themselves with their resting hours just to be an early bird and avoid long waiting lines.

“We saw bikes; then we saw electric bikes, now we see scooters. We’ll see other types of vehicles. So, this idea of micro-mobility is a fundamental part of how cities evolve to allow more people to move through the streets as we move into the future.” Says Assaf Biderman, Superpedestrian CEO.

His statement gives the idea that micro-mobility does not only solve commuters plight but as well as traffic jams and the likes. While we stressed on how traffic makes us feel so annoyed and unproductive, especially in metropolitan areas, micro-mobility vehicles being small in size has more significant benefits in the crowd. It enables you to move through and worry no more with your road problems. Aside from that, the employment rate rises up as transportation companies continue to provide more efficient, affordable, and convenient vehicles for the masses. It has also been reported that Bird and Lime, two of the biggest transportation companies providing micro-mobility vehicles, have been forming partnerships with Uber and Alphabet. $335 million has been allocated in financing the operational costs of producing more micro-mobility vehicles since the crowd is deeming more of this new trend. It is also said that rental prices are cheaper than the usual transit expenditures. The million-dollar capital for this business returns an income worth billion.

In the Philippines, EcoRide, an EKS Manufacturer providing the same service to the masses have been receiving positive comments and increasing sales rate because of the efficiency that micro-mobility vehicles offer. Their (EcoRide) first product is the electric kick scooter which has a built-in battery that does not require you to gas up. Plus, its tire comes with a honeycomb tire that never goes flat.

In some regions of the Philippines, there are also reported electric cars being used by the masses. Aside from being budget-friendly, it is also eco-friendly because it does not emit gas emissions that contribute to air pollution. It is also different from the usual cars you buy because it’s compact-size and has only two passengers at maximum.

Though we have complaints about the number of seats available, these micro-mobility vehicles won’t let you down. It is designed to ease traffic, avoid wasting your hours where you can be more productive and refrains from adding up pollution. These are the most significant cases we, as consumers, must consider.