When we ride our Electric Kick Scooters, one important thing we seldom ignore is its tire’s quality. Often times we are fascinated by the advancement of a vehicle with how it can run a mile or more or what are the buttons we can see that may entertain us, or sometimes the affordability of the EKS.

Tires come in various sizes and quality but in this article, we will be stressing out the 3 reasons why honeycomb tires are best for you.

  1. Carries a 100kg maximum weight

     When we ride micro-mobility vehicles such as electric kick scooters, we get cautious of its capacity to lift a weight. We lose our confidence and esteem in using a vehicle of our choice and so we could not experience the feels of riding e-scooters or other types of vehicles. Honeycomb tires can actually help you with that because it can carry a weight of 100 kg at most. This means that it transits even a heavy-duty person or carriage. As of this moment, transportation companies are trying their best to further the capacity of this kind of tire. 

  1. It can Save You Up!

     When we get ourselves caught in the middle of our journey looking over a flat tire, we can’t help but buy new ones. We start adding a portion of our money with the budget of buying new tires for our vehicle. But if you use honeycomb tires, it can actually lift up the burden of wasting your money buying new ones. Honeycomb tires are designed to help you save money. 

  1. Never goes flat 

    Lastly, the usual air-filled tires can be amusing in your riding experience but it kills your joy in the least moment you expected it. That is because of the pressure it absorbs which highly results in getting a flat tire. Honeycomb tires are airless tires designed geometrically to provide you a good riding experience without worrying you of a possible flat along the way.

There are actually many benefits that you can get from honeycomb tires. Especially now that many companies are busy enhancing the strengths of this type of tire, it is given assurance that honeycomb tires can help you in your riding experience. The main goal of this tire is to give you a riding experience of not worrying about getting flat in case our Electric Kick Scooters stumbles over sharp objects or if it is used for too long with so much pressure.  You can see it for yourself when you try an Electric Scooter that uses honeycomb tires. Try EcoRide 2 now!