“Nothing Lasts Forever….”

  • Excerpt line from Taylor Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams”


This is very true in all aspects of our life: relationships, money, things and more. This is also very much applicable to our e-scooters. Many of you might be wondering if e-scooters will last a lifetime more than the usual vehicles you have. To be honest, it will be a hypocrite to say that e-scooters will last forever more than the other vehicles where in fact, everything has its own limits. 


The time that e-scooters will last depends mainly on how a user uses it and the mechanics applied by the manufacturers. So, basically it comes in two things: the user and the manufacturer. For us to extend the life of our e-scooters, here is the list of tips in maintaining your e-scooters.


Tip #1: Know your E-scooter

There are many transportation companies offering you various e-scooters. Some of them will tell you a lot of exaggerating words as part of their marketing strategy. As a consumer, you must also do a little research before listening to what the seller would say about their product. It doesn’t mean you have to be genius enough, what it means is, you have to be wiser in purchasing your chosen product. You will know that through reviews from those who have purchased and familiarization of the mechanics. This is not promoting that sellers are liars. This is just about you, knowing your e-scooter in a wiser way. Sellers will definitely hear out your questions where you can further investigate all about your e-scooter.


Tip #2: Use your E-scooters in its Right Pavement

E-scooters does not function generally like all other vehicles. As is said earlier, everything has its own limit. One way also if maintaining your e-scooter is to use it in its right pavement.  Usually, they are used in areas like pathways and cycling area. If you used it on rocky roads always, it is likely expected that it will die out easily. No matter how expensive are its components, the mere fact it is used in the wrong way will not assure you durability. So better ask your seller on what path is best for e-scooters and avoid using it to rocky roads.


Tip #3: Do not Over Recharge!

Never ever over recharge your e-scooters because it will likely endanger your batteries life span. If you always over recharge your e-scooter, it might result in damaged batteries and much worse, explosion. You might get caught in accidents so charge your batteries according to its number of hours of recharging. More importantly, do not use it while charging. It will also bring damage to your e-scooter!


Tip #4: Do not Park in Extreme Exposure to Sunlight & Rain

It’s recommendable if you park your e-scooters to a place with a shade to avoid exposure to extreme temperature and rain. This will also protect your e-scooter from getting damaged easily. Most of the e-scooters have a built-in battery like Li-on which does not function well under high temperatures. If there is no shade you can see, try to cover it with anything like reflective covers or just ask your seller what is the best cover that can be used for your e-scooter.


Tip #5: Clean Your E-scooter Properly!

It is not advisable to shower your e-scooter with too much water as it may affect your motor parts. The best way to clean it is to dust off exposed parts using a soft and smooth dry cloth. Then, you can clean them with a dampened cloth with detergent. After cleaning, wipe areas with disinfectants and cover them to prevent dust build-ups.


These are some of the basic tips in maintaining your e-scooters. To top them all, it’s best if you do not use abusively your e-scooters to prevent shortening of its life span. Remember that the life span of your e-scooter depends mostly on how you use it.