In today’s era, people have been dependent on technology. Everything is laid digital and this includes the rising fame of micro-mobility vehicles. Among them, are the E-scooters!

Electric kick Scooter or also known as E-scooter or E-scoot is an example of a micro-mobility vehicle that is smaller in size but convenient in many ways. It is electron powered which means you will only ride and ready yourselves to go whichever destination you desire. It consists of a controller, battery (built-in), headlights and rear lights, motor hub, throttle and software you can download. But E-scooter is not only your typical scooter that serves as an alternative for commuters and motorists. There’s a lot more you need to know. Here are the top 10 reasons why we should choose Electric Kick Scooter:

  1. Convenient and Portable

While some of us have been using micro-mobility vehicles like electric cars, a vehicle that is chargeable and no gasoline needed, we can’t deny that there are still flaws in this kind of service. E-cars, though portable, they still cover more spaces and if in case we run a 20-mile expedition, batteries tend to be used up and must be charged again at a reasonable amount of time (like 3-4 hours or more). This results in a long break from our journey. To avoid such, e-scooters can be an alternative to have fun while waiting. With electric kick scooters, it can be foldable and much more portable. You can just carry them anywhere you want to go and use theme if in case you are waiting for your car to be fully charged. Take a look at the xiaomi products where they sell e-scooters that is amazing when it comes to portability. You can also access other transportation companies like EcoRide which is very much commendable in the Philippines.

  1. Environment-Friendly

E-scoots are environment-friendly because it does not produce gas emissions which greatly contributes to air pollution. Since it’s built-in with a battery inside its motor hub (or elsewhere depending on how it’s designed), it is most likely be rechargeable. The charging time depends on your e-scooters’ specs. There are some that take 3 hours only and some would take up a maximum of 4 hours. 

  1. Designed with Highly Advanced Technology (e.g. Software, speedometer, battery level) 

Since we are now dependent on technology, e-scooters are not only designed as alternative transportation but also with features that are greatly dependable and secure. You must be thinking about how can you secure yourself from getting robbed with your e-scooter considering it’s portable and easy to carry. Well, software developers have developed an easy way to locate and secure your e-scooter in case it will be robbed. Transportation companies have added an app that you will download where you can find options like locking your e-scooter so that even if it is taken away, it can’t be used easily by thieves. It has also an unlock option where you yourself can unlock it. There are also other companies that added GPS so that it will be easier to locate the whereabouts of your e-scoot. Aside from that, you can also see your battery level instantly so no need for you to guess if you are running out of battery. 

  1. Budget-friendly 

You have the convenience, the specs, the features now let’s go with the budget. How much is the cost of an e-scooter? For a high-end model of e-scooters, it costs more than $600 with an electric battery charge time of 3.5 hours and a speed of 15 mph. But for the average type, it costs around $300. If you wish to buy it in the Philippines, you will have it within the range of 3,000 pesos to 25, 000 pesos. Depending on its features. So, just try computing it and comparing it to your big cars or high-end cars. Cheaper and better! No need for you to have a hard time paying it. 

  1. Entertaining

Let’s go away with our traffic problems. Let’s think about our expeditions, our journey, our leisure, our hobby. Anything that has to do with a time filled with fun and excitement. E-scooters got your back. Since it’s perfect for streets, you can use your e-scooter in traveling short distance neighboring sites. With the right equipment (like helmets), you can just enjoy wandering with your e-scooter. Who knows? You can meet other people to share the same hobbies as yours. You are ensured with ride comfort feels. 

You see, e-scooters are not only designed to be your best bud in traffic jams. It is also designed for you to enjoy a quality ride that feels where you meet comfort and convenience. It is easy, secure and budget-friendly. It is also a great deal for fun and eco-friendly. So why endure a dull life forever? 

In an e-scooter, it’s a ride and ready to go!