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Battery 36V 7.8Ah LG
Wheel 8.5″ x 2.5″
Tire type never-flat honeycomb style, front and rear
Brakes e-brake (slows front motor) and rear disc brake
Range ~30km on a full charge
Top Speed* 25 kph
Weight 14kg
Max. Load 100kg
Suspension honeycomb tire, soft ride version, no additional suspension
Lights two in white LEDs in front and three red LEDs in rear
Controller 25 A
Motor Power 280w continuous with 500w peak
Warranty 12 months limited warranty, parts only with 3 months on consumables
Box Dim. 108 x 43 x 114 cm

About us


EcoRide is a simple company with a simple vision: build scooters that are hard to break but easy to fix. A vehicle that can get you to work in thirty minutes instead of spending two hours on the road. Build something reliable but affordable. A ride that will get you from point A to B without breaking the bank.

We aim to build a vehicle to help reduce pollution, congestion and traffic.

“Hard to break, easy to fix” – the guiding principle when all of our products are designed. You spend too much time in traffic, too much time away from your family. Let’s fix that.

EcoRide: More Freedom. More Control


How do I register my EcoRide.ph scooter?

You may choose to go to our website and fill out the form or you may ask the retailer to register on your behalf. Do keep in mind the importance have having this information in our database.

1) Warranty requests will require just one photo ID for registered customers and two photo IDs as well as the official receipt for non registered customers
2) Registration allows you to flag your scooter as stolen so we can notify the authorities as well as repair centers and retailers.

Maaaring kang pumunta sa aming website at mag-fill out ng form. Maaari mo rin hingin ang tulong ng retailer para makapag-register ka.

Laging tandaan ang importance ng information sa aming database.

1) Ang warranty request ay mag-re-require ng isang photo ID para sa registered customers o dalawang photo IDs naman na may official receipt para naman sa non registered customers
2) Ang registration ay nag-a-allow para i-flag ang iyong scooter sakaling ito ay manakaw. Maaari naming i-notify ang awtoridad ganon din ang aming repair centers and retailers

What do I need to register?
All you need is to complete the necessary information on the website, a picture of the receipt, a picture of two valid IDs, a picture of the scooter with the serial no. and a picture of yourself with the scooter (with all the pictures, this is why we as retailers to assist you in registration)
Ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay kumpletuhin ang mga kinakailangang information sa aming website, picture ng resibo, picture ng two valid IDs, picture ng scooter.
Is the information on your website private?
Definitely yes and we will only share necessary information with the authorities if incase your scooter has been stolen and in compliance with the agreement in the warranty.
Yes at i-sha-share lamang ang necessary information sa awtoridad kung sakaling ang iyong scooter ay nanakaw at in compliance sa agreement ng warranty.
Are the scooters waterpoof?
There is no such thing as a waterproof electric kick scooter. By nature of the moving parts, waterproofing is impossible (and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and trying to sell you something). We have made some modifications to help with water resistance, however, even with those modifications, riding in the rain is not approved and will void your warranty.
Walang waterproof na electric kick scooter. By nature, ang waterproofing ay impossible (at kung meron man na nagsabi sayo nito ay nagsisinungaling o nag-ta-try ka na bentahan). Gumawa kami ng ilang modifications para madagdagan ang water resistance pero kahit na mayroong modifications, ang pagmamaneho sa ulan ay hindi approvevd at mag-vovoid sa iyong warranty.
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