Metropolitan Manila or often shortened to as Metro Manila is the country’s National Capital Region (NCR) where it is the center of arts, business, education, and government vicinities. This results in a very condensed populated area comprising multiple municipalities, neighborhoods, townships and many more to mention. Since it has become the core of livelihood resources, most of the Filipino entrepreneurs coming from different places travel away from home by means of riding their own vehicle or commuting through taxis, cabs, and transits. You will notice that time is very essential for these entrepreneurs because they have to wake up early to avoid the recurring problem: traffic jams, congested areas, and crowded MRT. Yes, you heard it right! No matter how urbanized with core facilities Metro Manila is, there are hurdles along the way which really contributes to irritation, wasted time and worst, pollution.

In an app called Waze, a famous and largest community-based traffic and navigation app, it described Metro Manila as “the worst traffic on earth” where most of your time is spent inside a vehicle, wasting your hours where you could use it for something productive. This problem leads to the accumulation of many diseases due to pollution emitted from the vehicles. The government tried to resolve the problem by constructing new roads and alternatives. This paves the way to Metro Rail Transits (MRT) and Light Rail Transits (LRT) where Filipinos can reduce their time and costs spent on traveling with a fast and convenient one. But the long waiting line becomes the “other” problem. What’s more, is that people are more exposed to diseases because of the time, MRTs and LRTs are overcrowded. You are now facing more than one problem. With the rising problem of traffic and pollution, EcoRide has invented a vehicle made easy for you.

E-Scooter comes in an eco-friendly feature: a built-in battery that prevents you from spending a lot of money at a gasoline station. It provides you a reliable and affordable vehicle that will not lower down your standards of quality. A top speed of 25 kph at most and an electronic brake that increases the percentage of your safety. It also comes with a honeycomb tire enhancing a soft riding quality and a never-flat experience as you go.

You don’t want to live a life full of problems! You don’t wish to waste your time in spending too much on the road, staring at your watch, hoping that you can arrive on-time. You don’t want that deal in your business put to waste. You don’t want to get sick instantly while on the fire of your dreams. The true definition of life is when you can control your time and taste freedom. It starts today. It starts on your vehicle. Choose E-scooter! Choose a better way of life.