The world is poised with the growing size of the population and the dangerous level of pollution. Alongside these problems are the many cases of traffic congestions, inconveniences, and road widening. Looking at the cities all over the world makes you wonder how can these problems be given a solution?

Transportation companies like Ofo and Mobike in China, City Bike and Jump Bikes in the US and EcoRide in the Philippines have been serving their countries with an alternative to solve road problems. It paved its way over the years with a more convenient, affordable and time-efficient vehicle that does not only solve traffic congestion but also pollution which is quite rampant these days due to gas emissions and other environmental factors. These small transportation vehicles are what we called Micro-mobility. This type of transportation is either propelled by humans or has built-in electric motors that do not require gas. Examples of these are bicycles, e-bikes, skates, skateboards, and mini-scooters or electric scooters. What’s good about this micro-mobility is that you can get a lot of benefits!

The benefits of using micro-mobility vehicles are hassle-free transportation, reduced traffic and congestion, reduced pollution, no more long waiting lines for commuters and lower costs or expenditures. Moreover, since it has become a trend in our society, businessmen and women are investing in micro-mobility. A lot of transportation companies have been creating a partnership and has been attracting investors. In India, Yulu Bikes led by seasoned entrepreneur and Inmobi co-founder Amit Gupta has shown considerable traction with an estimated raised of 7 million dollars. This only proves that micro-mobility has a large scale of business opportunities.

What’s more in micro-mobility is that it has also adapted with technology which is why manufacturers of these types have provided a highly advanced technology that does not guarantee the only convenience but also your safety. Electric Kick Scooters and E-bikes are few of its vehicles that are in demand. It features a honeycomb tire that never goes flat that’s why you will be expecting a smoother riding experience.

Words are not enough to make you rethink of switching to what’s better among the masses. Start looking now for the best micro-mobility vehicle. Who knows? You’re the only one left behind on what’s on the trend.

Start while you can!