As technology arises, all our works have been upgraded into a just one click away motion. For instance, we don’t have to wait for snail mail. We can drink hot and cold water anytime we want without boiling or freezing them. We can make our voice seems to be in tune through the autotunes. We can learn foreign languages without enrolling ourselves to foreign schools. Most of all, we can complete our bucket list of travel goals with the help of automobiles.

In the Philippines, it has the fastest-growing numbers of motorists and vehicle owners. Some of them use it for a living. There are also some who uses it for fun adventure purposes. But as it becomes numerous, the flow of driving has become rough and problems have become inevitable just like traffics which really annoys us all. Added to that are the heat of the sun and the mere fact that you can’t get yourself on time in your work, school or any places you want to be. No matter how highly advanced your car is or how superior your motorcycles are, you cannot evade the threats of traffic. Even if you change your time in waking up, you will still get caught up, if not going to work then it could be when you go home. So, imagine yourself going home on an anniversary yet you arrived late to the said date because the road was congested. Now, you see clearly some reasons for broken relationships. Exaggerating it may seem but that is part of reality. That’s why EcoRide has the solution for you.

EcoRide is an established company bringing you a vehicle that will guarantee your freedom from the above-mentioned problems. They have created Electric Kick Scooters or best known as E-Scooters. These are not the typical scooters you see on TV. These scooters are developed with a highly advanced technology designed for the likings of the motorists. When you talk about quality, E-scooters got you that. It has a never-flat honeycomb tire where you won’t have to worry about getting off track. It is designed to give you very smooth riding experience. Aside from that, it has a built-in battery which will not require you from going to gasoline stations to fuel up or spend a lot of money. Moreover, it only weighs 14kg, unlike with the usual car vehicles that weigh 100 kgs or more that is likely to experience flat tires or damages. There is still more! Although the e-scooters weigh less than the usual car vehicles, it can load up a maximum of 100 kgs. So think about that? A 14 kg vehicle loading up a 100 kg how much more if the vehicle weighs more than 14kg? That’s exactly great in number. The E-scooter has a top speed of 25 kph which is likely to cover less than 30 kilometers on a full charge. So, why are we sulking over a vehicle that covers up almost half of the road’s space? With E-scooter, you can get yourself a smooth-riding flow without fearing traffics and congestions since it can slip through spaces without sacrificing your safety. E-scooters are not only designed to go along the rising number of technologies. It also helps reduce pollution with its eco-friendly feature. It is made to give a motorist his freedom to control time.

What are you waiting for? Change the pace of your life to a fast, efficient and quality vehicle that will surely change your lifestyle. Choose E-scooters. Choose a better way of life!